Nature Trail Conservancy

Nature Trail, located on a portion of the Tree Farm Plantation, is situated on approximately 750 acres, with approximately 450 acres being preserved by the Nature Trail Conservancy. The Nature Trail Conservancy Trust, a non-profit organization, has been established to ensure the preservation and protection of the land. The Trust’s funding will derive from a sales transfer fee on all home sites and home sales, which will be contributed to the Trust in perpetuity. The Trust’s major functions are to manage the nature preserves and other open spaces, provide educational programs for residents and guests and consult with property owners to implement sound development plans and land management as well as landscaping practices. The Trust will establish a model of land stewardship in keeping with the environment integrity of Nature Trail.

Nature Trail LodgeSteps have been taken throughout the development to protect wetlands and jurisdictional lands.  In addition, the county-required buffer area is significantly enlarged, allowing for the protection of the sensitive plant and wildlife in the area.  At Nature Trail, forward thinking in preservation efforts creates a beautiful setting for residents while ensuring its protection for the future.

Serving as a key figure in the Nature Trail development and conservation efforts, Mike Green embodied a passion to ensure that this unique development created a harmonious relationship between nature and man. Dedicated in his memory, The Mike Green Nature Trail allows residents to enjoy Nature Trail’s unspoiled landscape.

Conservancy Board of Directors

Scott Boyle - President

Herbert Williams - Vice President

Ronnie Fowler - Secretary/Treasurer

Chris McBrayer

Thom Keener

Jack Randolph

Justin Farrior